52 Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: fall DIY projects

Get in the seasonal spirit with these fun fall activities, perfect for kids of all ages.

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  1. Tin Lanterns

    Tin Lanterns

    I always find these lanterns the children make especially charming in the autumn, though I'm not sure why. It probably has something to do with...

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  2. Raffia Pumpkins

    Raffia Pumpkins

    Lovely raffia, jute, or twine pumpkins--made just like papier mache. Here's a project that my daughter and I loved creating together!

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  3. Acorn Cap Jewels

    Acorn Cap Jewels

    I love the natural art materials the earth provides this time of year! My four-year-old daughter and I have been having a great time making...

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  4. Fingerprint Tree

    Fingerprint Tree

    I love creating anything involving preserving my little ones' hand prints or fingerprints. There is a great quote by an anonymous writer that says,...

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  5. Easy Crock-Pot Applesauce

    Easy Crock-Pot Applesauce

    We love fall because it's the perfect time to take advantage of delicious, organic apples. My little chefs couldn't wait to try out this...

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  6. Homemade Fruit Leather and Apple Chips

    Homemade Fruit Leather and Apple Chips

    My kids adore finding fruits in our garden...but the discoveries are even sweeter when we find enough to make our favorite snacks!

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  7. Toilet Paper Pumpkins

    Toilet Paper Pumpkins

    Why not throw together some toilet paper pumpkins with your child? They are super cute and ridiculously easy to make plus they require absolutely...

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  8. Paint + Water Bottle = Fall Leaf Painting

    Paint + Water Bottle = Fall Leaf Painting

    Did you know that the tools to create a masterpiece are only as far away as your recycling bin? Grab an empty water bottle and...

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  9. Simple Paper Pilgrim Bonnet

    Simple Paper Pilgrim Bonnet

    This easy craft is a fun way for your little ones to feel like they're a part of the Thanksgiving story. Our four-year-old, Jackson, helped...

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  10. KiwiCo Pumpkin Carving

    KiwiCo Pumpkin Carving

    Carving pumpkins is a great way to spend an evening in October! Try using these two different techniques to create unique...

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  11. Bubble Wrap Indian Corn

    Bubble Wrap Indian Corn

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  12. Leaf Handprint Wreath

    Leaf Handprint Wreath

    Finger painting is VERY popular in this house! And since we love getting crafty, this one-of-a-kind wreath seemed like a fun way to create a...

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  13. Laminated Fall Leaves

    Laminated Fall Leaves

    Laminated leaf cutouts. It's fun to collect fall leaves that are changing color. We are inspired by the beauty of nature in fall and want...

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  14. Autumn Placemats

    Autumn Placemats

    Enjoy your pretty place mats and enjoy having the pretty autumn colors decorating your table. Your children will love making this simple, fall-friendly craft!

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  15. Ruffled Knit Scarf Using Mesh Yarn...Knit By A Ten Year Old!

    Ruffled Knit Scarf Using Mesh Yarn...Knit By A Ten Year Old!

    Your child will only need one ball of yarn to make a beautiful scarf! It's a perfect, economical craft for making gifts for almost...

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