64 Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: hole punch DIY projects

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  1. Simple Sewing Flowers

    Simple Sewing Flowers

    A creative, decorative cardboard idea for flowers. A perfect project for keeping little fingers busy on a cold Winter's afternoon in front of the fire....

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  2. No Sew Pencil Case

    No Sew Pencil Case

    Cuteness Alert: This may be the cutest little pencil case ever, and there's no sewing involved!

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  3. Hanging Sculptures

    Hanging Sculptures

    Your children will have such a good time creating these colorful, fun to make, handmade mobiles! They are also great for parties and make very...

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  4. Daffodil Craft

    Daffodil Craft

    What better gift than a homemade flower made by your little ones? They'll have a ball creating them as well!

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  5. Spring tissue paper bouquet hats!

    Spring tissue paper bouquet hats!

    This one may be a bit on the feminine side but you can tweak it by using different colors of tissue paper if you want....

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  6. Glass Magnet Gift Sets

    Glass Magnet Gift Sets

    These glass magnets are so fun and inexpensive to make! Crafting unique magnets with easy and make great gifts for any occasion. Your child will...

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  7. Box Top Hats!

    Box Top Hats!

    Here's a fun project for a kooky chapeau. All you need is some paint, glue and a wee box prime for recycling. To wear, pop...

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  8. Mock Stretched Hide

    Mock Stretched Hide

    Hides were stretched on frames by both Native Canadians and trappers.This is a fun project for your children to try to replicate these hides while...

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  9. Fun Placards For The Seder!

    Fun Placards For The Seder!

    Here's a fun ten plagues Passover craft that you can make and use at the Passover seder to create a little bit of excitement and...

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  10. Cupcake Collage

    Cupcake Collage

    This is a fun and easy craft for your little ones (Ages 3 and up). They'll have a ball making these colorful and creative collages...

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  11. Repurposed Art: Puffy Hearts

    Repurposed Art: Puffy Hearts

    Here's a nifty ornament for your front door, door knob or what have you. Give a little love to your friends and family, for any...

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  12. Spring Flower Lei

    Spring Flower Lei

    Spring is just around the corner and my kids and I enjoyed this fun and simple craft to get ready for the season!

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  13. Recycle Plastic Bottles & Make Super Cute Apple Shaped Boxes!

    Recycle Plastic Bottles & Make Super Cute Apple Shaped Boxes!

    This is a cute and simple idea, that you can make in just a few simple steps with no toxic paint involved! You can use...

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  14. Button Hairpins

    Button Hairpins

    These darling hairpins couldn't be simpler to make! Do you like ducks? Dragonflies? Hearts? Anything is possible!

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  15. Rainbow Spinning Art

    Rainbow Spinning Art

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