77 Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: outdoor activities

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  1. Who Needs Blocks to Build?

    Who Needs Blocks to Build?

    Block building and other stacking items are instrumental in teaching children math and science concepts. Be they large or small, flat, uniform or crazy shaped,...

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  2. Play Dough Cars

    Play Dough Cars

    You know those colorful caps that twist off of apple sauce or baby food pouches? Use them for some recycling crafty goodness...

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  3. Don’t Forget About Leaf Rubbings

    Don’t Forget About Leaf Rubbings

    Wracking your brain for clever things to entertain your kids? The best activities are, of course, the ones that are literally right under our noses!...

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  4. Grass head people

    Grass head people

    This project is a great way to show your kids how nature and art can go hand in hand. The grass head people are so...

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  5. Frog Pond Water Play

    Frog Pond Water Play

    Put a fun twist on water play this Summer with a DIY Frog Pond!

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  6. The Frozen Alphabet

    The Frozen Alphabet

    Learn letters, explore, and play with "The Frozen Alphabet"! All you need to get started are letters and water.

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  7. No-Sew Twirlers

    No-Sew Twirlers

    Summer time is for dancing and twirling in the sun - how about No-Sew Twirlers to excite little feet?

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  8. Polly Pool Party

    Polly Pool Party

    Put together another water bin for your kids! It's Polly pool party time!

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  9. Sparkly Art Collage

    Sparkly Art Collage

    After an exploration of creating on reflective surfaces, your child will have a sparkly, glittery, reflective collage with a whole lot of bling!

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  10. How to Make Balloon People

    How to Make Balloon People

    Every child loves balloons and they will love creating balloon people even more. It's a great exercise for their motor skills along with being creative!

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  11. Painting with Shaving Cream

    Painting with Shaving Cream

    If you only have one or two little ones, the shaving cream paint is a fabulous bath-time activity. This activity is SUPER easy to prepare!

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  12. Petal Art

    Petal Art

    Almost-four-year-olds do not want to sit and look at flowers. No, they want to pick them and feel them and glue them to something...Hence, petal...

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  13. Tissue Paper Collage

    Tissue Paper Collage

    Painting with food coloring is great for creating vivid colors. It's a perfect medium for toddlers as it is completely non toxic. Create lines,...

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  14. Sand Art

    Sand Art

    Create colorful, beautiful, sand art with your children! Not only will they have a great time making this craft but they might want to give...

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  15. Nature Faces

    Nature Faces

    There's something about looking for treasures that turns an ordinary walk around the neighborhood into something exciting and magical. Especially when you turn your treasures...

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