100+ Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: pipe cleaners DIY projects

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  1. Put a Pipe Cleaner in it!

    Put a Pipe Cleaner in it!

    There is something fun about pipe cleaners. Maybe it is the happy colors or the bendability, who knows. One thing is for certain, kiddos love'em!

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  2. Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Craft

    Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Craft

    This craft is so easy and fun for your kids to make. They will have a great time making butterflies art out of a nothing...

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  3. Pipe Cleaner Action Figures

    Pipe Cleaner Action Figures

    With a bunch of colorful pipe cleaners, your kids can come up with some of the craziest creations! It's easy to forget that sometimes the...

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  4. Grass Caterpillar Pets

    Grass Caterpillar Pets

    Make grass caterpillars as part of your Earth Day explorations! These little caterpillars eventually become big fuzzy grass pets and your kids can learn to...

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  5. Styrofoam Cup Mini Spring Flower Pots

    Styrofoam Cup Mini Spring Flower Pots

    Spring is here! To celebrate create this cute little spring flower craft with your kids! You just need some pipe cleaners, foam cups and a...

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  6. Rainbow Jellyfish Craft

    Rainbow Jellyfish Craft

    Need a fun project for a lazy afternoon? These adorable jellyfish are full of vibrant colors and very easy to make. Pipe cleaners, googly eyes ...

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  7.  Bendable Fabric Flower

    Bendable Fabric Flower

    Make a pretty flower from colorful fabric scraps and pipe cleaners. A fun way to dress up your desk or add some lively summer color...

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  8. Miniature Button-Tree Ornaments

    Miniature Button-Tree Ornaments

    These miniature button trees are easy for preschoolers and older children and only take a few minutes to make, plus they have the added benefit...

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  9. Tissue Paper Flowers

    Tissue Paper Flowers

    A quick cheerful craft that your child will have fun making and put a smile on his/her face at the same time!

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  10. Bunny Craft

    Bunny Craft

    This is a fun and adorable your kids can make for Easter or anytime! They can also be used as a cute addition to a...

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  11. Fun Placards For The Seder!

    Fun Placards For The Seder!

    Here's a fun ten plagues Passover craft that you can make and use at the Passover seder to create a little bit of excitement and...

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  12. Royal Crown

    Royal Crown

    This crown was so very simple, but was the start to an afternoon filled with imaginative play. I just love when that happens and with...

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  13. Fun Pencil Topper

    Fun Pencil Topper

    These pencil toppers are fun for kids to make and use. Best of all, you can personalize them for each and every occasion. My daughter...

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  14. Wishing Wand

    Wishing Wand

    Make your little one's dreams come true with by making this magical wishing wand!

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  15. Butterfly Snack

    Butterfly Snack

    I am always trying to find ways to make my children's lunches fun and healthy. Making these cute butterfly snack packs together really got my...

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