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  1. Kentucky Derby Hat

    Kentucky Derby Hat

    The biggest excitement, next to cashing a winning ticket from the Kentucky Derby, is finding all the elaborately designed and often over the top...

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  2. No-Sew Twirlers

    No-Sew Twirlers

    Summer time is for dancing and twirling in the sun - how about No-Sew Twirlers to excite little feet?

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  3. Spoon Puppets

    Spoon Puppets

    Wooden spoons are a great blank canvas for puppets and crazy characters. These would also be a good birthday party activity where the project becomes...

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  4. Children's Bookmarks

    Children's Bookmarks

    This project is a super easy one - fun bookmarks for the kids that they can even help you make. For a...

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  5. No Sew Pencil Case

    No Sew Pencil Case

    Cuteness Alert: This may be the cutest little pencil case ever, and there's no sewing involved!

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  6. Box Top Hats!

    Box Top Hats!

    Here's a fun project for a kooky chapeau. All you need is some paint, glue and a wee box prime for recycling. To wear, pop...

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  7.  Colorful Weaving!

    Colorful Weaving!

    This craft is something your kids can make with some sticks, odds and ends possibly lying around your house and a little imagination. They'll love...

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  8. Repurposed Art: Puffy Hearts

    Repurposed Art: Puffy Hearts

    Here's a nifty ornament for your front door, door knob or what have you. Give a little love to your friends and family, for any...

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  9. Don't throw that away-strawberry baskets! You'll want them for Mother's Day!

    Don't throw that away-strawberry baskets! You'll want them for Mother's Day!

    If you get your berries from a local stand or farme's market, you just may be lucky enough to score some! There is much you...

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  10. Birthday Crown

    Birthday Crown

    A quick and easy craft project to make for a birthday (or any occasion). Have fun creating this party piece!

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  11. A Sewing Kit for a Little Sewer

    A Sewing Kit for a Little Sewer

    It's time to make a Little Sewer Kit with your kids! Fill it up with fun buttons, fabrics and other sewing supplies and watch how...

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  12. Mask making

    Mask making

    Whether it's Mardi Gras or not, these masks are a fun craft for your kids to make any time of the year!

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  13. Fairy Wands

    Fairy Wands

    Wands are pretty popular in our house. On this day we made the fairy kind, using chopsticks!

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  14. Do-It-Yourself Dress-Up Wardrobe

    Do-It-Yourself Dress-Up Wardrobe

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  15. Fabric + Scissors = Pouches for Treasures

    Fabric + Scissors = Pouches for Treasures

    Your kids get to capitalize on their tendency to collect "treasures" by making small bags out of fabric.  Parents help the kids make the bags...

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