100+ Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: spring crafts

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  1. Sensory Rainbows

    Sensory Rainbows

    My kids are currently in love with rainbows! We have had so much fun lately making rainbow crafts and practicing colors with my two-year-old....

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  2. Tissue Paper Baby Chicks

    Tissue Paper Baby Chicks

    Explore textures while creating these fluffy little baby chicks.

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  3. Handprint Flowers

    Handprint Flowers

    These handprint flowers are such a fun craft, a special keepsake, and can also be turned into a great gift.

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  4. Little White Duck

    Little White Duck

    Maddie and I both cooed over this darling Little White Duck made from handprints and tissue... show him off by himself, or give him a...

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  5. Color Match Caterpillar

    Color Match Caterpillar

    It's so fun when children start learning new things. My two-year old is learning his colors right now, and it's fun to see how excited...

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  6. Little Vases

    Little Vases

    From early spring through to late autumn, pick flowers with your sweet little child and create pretty vases that will last forever. It's such a...

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  7. Coffee Filter Hydrangeas

    Coffee Filter Hydrangeas

    Coffee filters are always in our art cabinet. There are so many ways you can create with them. I think what we like best about...

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  8. Colorful Butterflies

    Colorful Butterflies

    Transform an everyday household object—a coffee filter!—into a colorful butterfly.

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  9. Chrysanthemum Paintbrushes

    Chrysanthemum Paintbrushes

    Staring at my lovely fall chrysanthemums the other day, I had a thought: We should paint with these! Yes, I know, I'm silly like...

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  10. Fingerprint Bird Painting

    Fingerprint Bird Painting

    What a sweet way to welcome spring or to give as a gift for Mother's Day--a painting full of sweet little finger prints.

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  11. Pipe Cleaner & Paper Butterfly Kids Craft

    Pipe Cleaner & Paper Butterfly Kids Craft

    This opportunity is a great hands-on learning craft with no wrong choices! Your kids will love making these...

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  12. Paper Roses

    Paper Roses

    These lovely paper roses are so easy to make! Put a few in a vase, put one on a package for a gift, or...

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  13. Easy Bagel Bird Feeders

    Easy Bagel Bird Feeders

    Cooler weather means it's time to make a few bird feeders to put out for our feathered friends. These are my favorite to make...

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  14. Beehive Card

    Beehive Card

    Nothing says spring like bumble bees! We love bee crafts and adding a hive is the perfect way to say "Happy Spring!" to a friend!

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  15. Flower Making with Corks

    Flower Making with Corks

    Use old corks to dip into paint to create beautiful flowers with real leaves!

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