95 Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: string DIY projects

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  1. Easy Button Jewelry

    Easy Button Jewelry

    Your children can spend hours making different types of jewelry out of buttons. Bracelets, necklaces, even headbands can all be made while they work on...

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  2. Mock Stretched Hide

    Mock Stretched Hide

    Hides were stretched on frames by both Native Canadians and trappers.This is a fun project for your children to try to replicate these hides while...

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  3.  Colorful Weaving!

    Colorful Weaving!

    This craft is something your kids can make with some sticks, odds and ends possibly lying around your house and a little imagination. They'll love...

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  4. Repurposed Art: Puffy Hearts

    Repurposed Art: Puffy Hearts

    Here's a nifty ornament for your front door, door knob or what have you. Give a little love to your friends and family, for any...

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  5. Don't throw that away-strawberry baskets! You'll want them for Mother's Day!

    Don't throw that away-strawberry baskets! You'll want them for Mother's Day!

    If you get your berries from a local stand or farme's market, you just may be lucky enough to score some! There is much you...

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  6. Simple Sewing Flowers

    Simple Sewing Flowers

    A creative, decorative cardboard idea for flowers. A perfect project for keeping little fingers busy on a cold Winter's afternoon in front of the fire....

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  7. Sponge Water Bombs

    Sponge Water Bombs

    This is one of the easiest crafts you can make with your kids! It requires so little prep time and they will have a blast...

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  8. Sea Creature Banner

    Sea Creature Banner

    To celebrate summer and sunshine, create a sea creatures banner to hang up and enjoy! You can get a little joy...

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  9. Star Garland

    Star Garland

    This intergalactic garland could not be any simpler, and kids love making them to hang all around the house! To make your own star garland...

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  10. Felt Vase

    Felt Vase

    Watch as your child makes felt vases made with love. It's a wonderful sewing craft that develops fine motor skills and shows imagination!

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  11. A Sewing Kit for a Little Sewer

    A Sewing Kit for a Little Sewer

    It's time to make a Little Sewer Kit with your kids! Fill it up with fun buttons, fabrics and other sewing supplies and watch how...

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  12. Picasso Collage

    Picasso Collage

    It's never too early to expose your little ones to the world of art! This craft was inspired by... you guessed it... Picasso!

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  13. Colorful Dreamcatchers

    Colorful Dreamcatchers

    Your wee ones will have a ball making these dream-catchers! They are bright, fun to make, and make beautiful decorations for your home. Now that's...

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  14. Simple Sewing Rainbows

    Simple Sewing Rainbows

    Enjoy working together with your child to make this simple stitched rainbow to hang in his/her room. It is a great introduction to learning to...

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  15. Spring tissue paper bouquet hats!

    Spring tissue paper bouquet hats!

    This one may be a bit on the feminine side but you can tweak it by using different colors of tissue paper if you want....

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