41 Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas: valentines day DIY projects

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  1. Candy Hugger Cards

    Candy Hugger Cards

    Valentine's Day wouldn’t be complete without chocolate! What better way to celebrate than with these easy cut-out cards...

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  2. Candy Celtic Heart Knot

    Candy Celtic Heart Knot

    Learn how to tie a Celtic heart knot. Then use pull and peel licorice rope to make an edible...

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  3. Mosaic Heart

    Mosaic Heart

    My daughter loves to create different kinds of mosaics. We use stickers, gems, or beads. I love seeing her think out the pattern and put...

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  4. Light-up Heart Flower

    Light-up Heart Flower

    Repurpose those pencils without erasers to create a light-up flower pencil! 

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  5. Apple Hearts and Yogurt

    Apple Hearts and Yogurt

    This snack might be the easiest treat to make and eat. All you need is an apple and some yogurt of your choice. Use pink...

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  6. Stamp Pad & Eraser Art

    Stamp Pad & Eraser Art

    My kid loved getting creative with this stamp pad and eraser art project--and I loved the low-mess factor. Stencils or cookie cutters can be used...

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  7. Valentine's Clothespin Counting Card

    Valentine's Clothespin Counting Card

    Practice counting with this Valentine's-themed clothespin counting card.

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  8. Handprint Flowers

    Handprint Flowers

    These handprint flowers are such a fun craft, a special keepsake, and can also be turned into a great gift.

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  9. Heart Number Puzzles

    Heart Number Puzzles

    Celebrate Valentine's Day with heart number puzzles. These are simple to make and challenging to put together.

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  10. Heart-Shaped Dreamcatchers

    Heart-Shaped Dreamcatchers

    I love Valentine's Day, but not for the candy or the gifts. I love it for the abundance of hearts displayed and love demonstrated. There...

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  11. Magnetic Tissue Paper Hearts

    Magnetic Tissue Paper Hearts

    A simple and quick little project that involves crumbling, smashing and gluing - which is sure to be a delight in any child's eyes.

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  12. Healthy Apple Treats

    Healthy Apple Treats

    I love surprising my kids with little treats. A treat in our home doesn't mean candy or toys--it can be as simple as apples with...

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  13. Newspaper Sculpture

    Newspaper Sculpture

    We made a mush of paper to sculpt some beautiful hearts. My children had fun getting a little messy and exploring new textures. We decorated...

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  14. Layered Heart Collages

    Layered Heart Collages

    This fun project was such a hit. It involves several mediums that merge together to form a beautiful collage.

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  15. Friendship Heart Necklace

    Friendship Heart Necklace

    Heart necklaces are a great way to show your regard for a sweet friend--these are made just the way you want, and are so easy...

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