Feed the Frog

Feed the Frog

Feed the Frog is a fun way to practice counting, sorting, and fine motor skills with pretend play! My little girl had a blast pretending she was in a pond, giving treats to her amiable amphibian friend.

2 - 6
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. construction paper
  2. tape (or glue)
  3. scissors
  4. plastic spiders (optional)
  5. tongs or tweezers
  6. tissue box / kleenex box
  7. pom-poms (optional)
  1. To create the frog, tape two construction paper eyes to the top of a tissue box. Cut out the plastic for the mouth opening. We used plastic spider rings with the ring part cut off and tongs. You can find tongs or tweezers at a dollar store.

  2. To feed the frog, put the spiders in a pile or in a small bowl. Use the tongs or tweezers to transfer a spider to the frog's mouth. This takes a lot of concentration and is a fun way to strengthen those fine motor skills.

  3. Other ways to play:
    *Roll the dice and count how many spiders to feed the frog. *Only feed the frog a certain color spider.
    *Feed the frog a pattern of spiders - orange, black, orange, black.

  4. Natalie thought feeding the frog was so fun! She got tired of using the tongs so she just fed the frog with her hand and pretended he was SO hungry. Then we hunted around the playroom for other items she could feed the frog: blocks, buttons, pom-poms, etc.