20 Cool Holidays & Events: Mothers Day DIY projects

Our moms mean the world to us, and kids are eager to show their moms how much they care! Try these Mother’s Day DIY projects as a fun way to spend time as a family and for kids to say “thank you” for all of Mom’s hard work.

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  1. Heart Tea Tags

    Heart Tea Tags

    These heart tea tags were a fun after school project for your child, and they make quick, easy, (and inexpensive) Valentine's Day gifts!

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  2. Hand Hearts

    Hand Hearts

    What says "I love you" more than a personal, hand-made Valentine? This is a great craft for your child to express what is in his/her...

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  3. Mosaic Frames

    Mosaic Frames

    Your kiddos can create these beautiful mosaic frames. They can make them as gifts or for any special occasion/holiday! What's even more exciting, is that...

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  4. Homemade Brown Sugar Scrub

    Homemade Brown Sugar Scrub

    Try this easy and super skin softening brown sugar scrub. Your kiddos will feel so great giving this gift that they can make!

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  5. Heart-Shaped Clay Bowls

    Heart-Shaped Clay Bowls

    This project makes a darling seasonal gift--perfect for holding candies on Grandma's table, or found treasures such as pinecones or walnuts.

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  6. Handprint and Footprint Valentines

    Handprint and Footprint Valentines

    What is cuter than your child's tiny hands and feet? Realizing that my kids hands and feet won't be little much longer, we have been...

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  7. Clay Vessels

    Clay Vessels

    Your kiddos will have so much fun creating these thoughtful, clay bowls. They can use beads, buttons, and other things to decorate their bowls....

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  8. Something

    Something "Magical"...

    This is a great activity to do with crayons of course but using white candles makes it even more magical. Invisible pictures! The best part...

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  9. Craft Stick Basket

    Craft Stick Basket

    I love how imperfectly darling this little basket came out. My daughter enjoyed personalizing each popsicle stick as she built this little spring gem!

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  10. Tussie Mussies for May Day

    Tussie Mussies for May Day

    Traditionally May Day baskets are made, flowers are placed inside, and they are then hung on the doors of neighbors and loved ones on the...

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  11. Earth Day Necklace

    Earth Day Necklace

    Celebrate Earth Day with this fun and easy craft that your kids will have a ball (no pun intended) making. These necklaces make great gifts...

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  12. Butterfly Coffee Filters

    Butterfly Coffee Filters

    This is such a simple little craft and the children love both the process and the results which make perfect gifts for so many occasions...

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  13. DIY Microwave Pressed Flowers

    DIY Microwave Pressed Flowers

    What if Mother's Day is right around the corner and you suddenly decided that you have the perfect craft but it must be decorated with...

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  14. Art Up A Plate Or Two!

    Art Up A Plate Or Two!

    With a little planning, you can totally have your kiddos whip up a pretty installation for your home, or they make excellent gifts for any...

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  15. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

    Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

    Making your own wrapping paper is an easy way for kids to get involved in gift giving any time of the...

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