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  1. Origami Pyramid Passover Centerpiece

    Origami Pyramid Passover Centerpiece

    Origami and geometric shapes are all the rage, so origami pyramids for your Passover table seem oh so perfect to create with your little ones!...

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  2. Paint Filled Jar Fall Vases

    Paint Filled Jar Fall Vases

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  3. Halloween Treat Cups

    Halloween Treat Cups

    Halloween parties are always fun for kids, and these days there are so many crafty ways to celebrate! These Halloween cups take the cake (or...

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  4. North Woods Gift Box

    North Woods Gift Box

    If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit with you child, don't just use store bought wrapping paper and slap a bow on...

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  5.  Clothespin Christmas Soldiers

    Clothespin Christmas Soldiers

    Soldier ornaments, and not just from the Nutcracker, are popular for Christmas. While the Queen's Guard of Buckingham Palace in England may not be as...

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  6.  Painted Wood Penguins

    Painted Wood Penguins

    Penguins are one of the cutest winter crafty characters out there, right up there with snowmen, don't you think? They are really easy to make...

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  7. Marshmallow Pops

    Marshmallow Pops

    For this Valentine’s Day, make your chocolate treats extra special with these DIY marshmallow pops. Family and friends are sure to appreciate...

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  8. Eraser Stamps

    Eraser Stamps

    Do you have a ton of pink erasers scattered around the house or filling up your junk drawer? Give them a...

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  9. Fireworks Bracelet

    Fireworks Bracelet

    Celebrate summer or the Fourth of July in a creative way--by making a fireworks bracelet for you and a friend.

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  10. Snow Globes

    Snow Globes

    I love the idea of real DIY snowglobes, but the potential for the water causing a serious mess has always kept me...

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  11. Sparkling Fireworks Pencil Topper

    Sparkling Fireworks Pencil Topper

    This festive pencil topper is sure to spark your imagination!

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  12. Melted Peppermint Bowl

    Melted Peppermint Bowl

    Put your leftover peppermint candies to good use and make a yummy tasting ice cream bowl! 

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  13. Kirigami Gift Box

    Kirigami Gift Box

    We loved the idea of creating a unique gift box to stand out from all the generic store bought boxes. This year,...

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  14. Leaf Place Card Holders

    Leaf Place Card Holders

    This year we wanted to make our family's place card holders for Thanksgiving feel festive and fun....

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  15. Orange and Clove Table decor

    Orange and Clove Table decor

    I love the smell of the holidays.For me, this means pine trees, spice, and citrus. Creating these orange and clove table decorations...

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