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  1. Marshmallow Pops

    Marshmallow Pops

    For this Valentine’s Day, make your chocolate treats extra special with these DIY marshmallow pops. Family and friends are sure to appreciate...

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  2. Eraser Stamps

    Eraser Stamps

    Do you have a ton of pink erasers scattered around the house or filling up your junk drawer? Give them a...

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  3. Snow Globes

    Snow Globes

    I love the idea of real DIY snowglobes, but the potential for the water causing a serious mess has always kept me...

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  4. Kirigami Gift Box

    Kirigami Gift Box

    We loved the idea of creating a unique gift box to stand out from all the generic store bought boxes. This year,...

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  5. Melted Peppermint Bowl

    Melted Peppermint Bowl

    Put your leftover peppermint candies to good use and make a yummy tasting ice cream bowl! 

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  6. Leaf Place Card Holders

    Leaf Place Card Holders

    This year we wanted to make our family's place card holders for Thanksgiving feel festive and fun....

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  7. KiwiCo Pumpkin Carving

    KiwiCo Pumpkin Carving

    Carving pumpkins is a great way to spend an evening in October! Try using these two different techniques to create unique...

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  8. Homemade Cookie Cutters

    Homemade Cookie Cutters

    Make your own unique cookie cutters! Then, enjoy some delicious cut-out cookies! 

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  9. String Art Valentine

    String Art Valentine

    Sewing and embroidery are two hobbies I really enjoy. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I decided to use a simple cross-stitching technique...

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  10. Light-Up Valentine

    Light-Up Valentine

    This card is sure to be the highLIGHT of your Valentine's day! Conductive paint makes this an...

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  11. Packing Tape Ghosts

    Packing Tape Ghosts

    Discover the process of mold making and create a “ghost” using your favorite stuffed animal or a human hand, leg, or...

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  12. Glowing Hula Hoop

    Glowing Hula Hoop

    Take a daytime activity into the night and have fun in the dark with this glowing hula hoop! 

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  13. Red, White, and Blue 3D Stars

    Red, White, and Blue 3D Stars

    Get ready for Memorial Day weekend with this banner of 3D stars. These DIY stars are super simple, once you learn the...

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  14. Pull-String Rocket Pinata

    Pull-String Rocket Pinata

    Celebrate 4th of July with your very own handmade Rocket Pinatas. Fill them with confetti, pom poms,...

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  15. Hanging Menorah

    Hanging Menorah

    Learn how to hand sew while making a Hanukkah-themed wall hanging! 

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