11 Cool Holidays & Events: card stock paper DIY projects

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  1. Earth Day Collage

    Earth Day Collage

    We made a collage for Earth Day with different paper scraps. Something about glue and my kids. There is nothing they like better then to...

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  2. Cotton Snowman

    Cotton Snowman

    Since my daughter Addie can't wait to play in the snow and we're a little short on the white stuff here in the Caribbean, we thought we'd...

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  3. Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree

    Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree

    Homemade Christmas cards are so fun to give and receive. I love seeing what my kids can create. This tree is a new favorite of...

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  4. Paper Plate Halloween Crafts

    Paper Plate Halloween Crafts

    Want some super simple, last minute Halloween craft ideas for the kids? Create this trio of Halloween characters using dessert plates from the dollar store...

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  5. Easter Egg Collage

    Easter Egg Collage

    Easter eggs have got to be one of the most fun crafts for my kids to make. All the colors, shapes and textures you can...

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  6. Pumpkin Seed Mosaic

    Pumpkin Seed Mosaic

    Seems like as soon as October hits, I become a professional pumpkin seed-roasting extraordinaire! I love it, but I think we all get a little...

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  7. Handprint Menorah

    Handprint Menorah

    The fall and early winter are always a busy time of year in our household. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali... we love learning about and celebrating...

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  8. Hand Hearts

    Hand Hearts

    What says "I love you" more than a personal, hand-made Valentine? This is a great craft for your child to express what is in his/her...

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  9. Fingerprint Turkey Napkin Rings

    Fingerprint Turkey Napkin Rings

    Here's a fun craft project for Thanksgiving that the kids will love! They can make sweet little napkin rings from colored card stock and their...

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  10. Glittered, Colored Pasta Pumpkins

    Glittered, Colored Pasta Pumpkins

    My girls and I love pumpkins. I look forward to fall just so I can get my fill of pumpkin crafts, food, and fun. While...

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  11. Magnetic Tissue Paper Leaves

    Magnetic Tissue Paper Leaves

    This colorful project will have you embracing fall head on! With a couple of simple materials, these fall leaf magnets can adorn your refrigerator...

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