51 Cool Holidays & Events: halloween DIY projects

These crafts and DIY projects are perfect for this spooky season! Check out these great ways to celebrate Halloween.

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  1. Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket

    Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket

    Every year, I grab shopping bags or pillowcases to use for last-minute trick or treating bags. Well this year, my son decided to up it...

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  2. Spider Lollipops

    Spider Lollipops

    These are the sweetest spiders you'll ever encounter. Our kid testing crew had a blast making--and eating--their eight-legged treats. They especially went googly for the...

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  3. Ear Plug Monsters

    Ear Plug Monsters

    I love when random materials become cool art projects for us. Anything little seems to catch my kids' attention, and so they were really intrigued...

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  4. Halloween Sensory Bin

    Halloween Sensory Bin

    This festive Halloween sensory bin is a perfect way to explore the themes of Halloween with your little one. Sensory bins allow children to learn...

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  5. Glitter Pumpkins

    Glitter Pumpkins

    This sparkly alternative to pumpkin carving is fun and easy for little ones to do--and makes one snazzy-looking pumpkin! I know glitter can be intimidating...

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  6. Pumpkin Spice Latte Play Dough

    Pumpkin Spice Latte Play Dough

    This fun, festive pumpkin play dough activity smells like everybody's favorite fall drink...and is fun to boot! Your petite pumpkin will have a blast creating...

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  7. Halloween Q-Tip Skeleton

    Halloween Q-Tip Skeleton

    Use cotton swabs and glue to create a dramatic skeleton picture to hang on the wall for Halloween. If you have a shadow box frame,...

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  8. Shrunken Apple Heads

    Shrunken Apple Heads

    I've been wanting to try these shrunken apple heads for a few Halloweens now but have purposely been holding back for fear of traumatizing my...

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  9. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

    Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

    Nothing welcomes the fall season like bringing pumpkins into your home. I took my daughter to the store to pick out a few pumpkins in...

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  10. Flying Bat Ornaments

    Flying Bat Ornaments

    Creating Halloween crafts with your kids makes all of the scary parts of the season disappear. I know if I see a bat at night,...

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  11. Witch's Broomstick Bag

    Witch's Broomstick Bag

    Make an eco-friendly witch's broomstick with this fun Halloween favor bag--perfect for a classroom or October birthday party! All you need to make one broomstick...

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  12. Polka-Dotted Pumpkins

    Polka-Dotted Pumpkins

    Carving pumpkins can be pretty tricky and a little nerve-wrecking when you have toddlers and preschoolers around. Sharp objects and little hands just don't go...

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  13. Eggshell Ghost Mobile

    Eggshell Ghost Mobile

    Discover a new way to use your leftover eggshells with this Halloween Eggshell Ghost Mobile. After making my daughter's favorite egg and spinach cupcakes, we...

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  14. Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns

    Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns

    Autumn in Florida is like no place I have ever lived. The weather is warm, the leaves don't change colors and the pumpkins are shipped...

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  15. smoosh and stamp pumpkins

    smoosh and stamp pumpkins

    Here's a great Halloween project to do with your child! It's inexpensive, and easy enough for even the youngest child to have fun with.

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