34 Cool Holidays & Events: holiday DIY projects

Get in the holiday spirits with these easy holiday crafts for kids and other indoor projects. Build kids’ anticipation for the big day with our fun project ideas! From homemade ornaments and DIY decorations to gifts kids can offer to their friends and family, here are some easy activities that will put your kids' creativity to work this holiday season.

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  1. Peppermint Bark

    Peppermint Bark

    Oh, look, it's another lovely handmade holiday gift! Perfect on plates of goodies for neighbors, or in a pretty tin for Grandma.

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  2. Clothespin Menorah

    Clothespin Menorah

    Create a kid-friendly menorah for your Hanukkah celebration!

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  3. Tissue Paper Wreath

    Tissue Paper Wreath

    Looking for a party activity that's fun for kids? This project will be a huge hit during your next...

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  4. Hand-Made Hello Cards!

    Hand-Made Hello Cards!

    Make these hand-made cards to send to your friends! You can literally reach out and say hello!

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  5. Gift Tags

    Gift Tags

    I never know what to do with all the holiday cards I have each year (I always buy way too many!) When my daughter pulled...

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  6. Pin the Nose on the Reindeer

    Pin the Nose on the Reindeer

    For last minute party fun, I love this quick and easy holiday game. It’s fun for the younger kids in the group...

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  7. Stamps and Watercolors

    Stamps and Watercolors

    We love using watercolors over other materials. The result is always so beautiful. On this lovely morning we stamped some cards for family and used...

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  8. Foil Punch Ornament

    Foil Punch Ornament

    This holiday season, we wanted to repurpose our extra pie tins into luminary decorations for our Christmas tree. By exploring shapes, patterns,...

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  9. Beaded Ornaments

    Beaded Ornaments

    Make some cute holiday ornaments with easy-to-find craft items! 

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  10. 'Tis the Season for STEAM Printables

    'Tis the Season for STEAM Printables

    Help your child celebrate the season of giving with these fill-in-the-blanks acts of service. This fun printable gives suggestions for...

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  11. Yarn Door Tassel

    Yarn Door Tassel

    Any craft that can be used as home decor is a bonus in my book. I love displaying things my kids make! These door tassels...

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  12. Toddler Father's Day Craft with Pom Poms

    Toddler Father's Day Craft with Pom Poms

    This simple craft helps toddlers work on fine motor skills while making a keepsake craft for Father's Day.

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  13. Pine Cone & Pom-Pom Christmas Trees

    Pine Cone & Pom-Pom Christmas Trees

    This is an oldie but a goodie--making Christmas trees out of pine cones and pom-poms.

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  14. Bird Seed Ornament

    Bird Seed Ornament

    This winter, our family wanted to create festive gifts for our feathered friends. Using a simple recipe, we created these holiday shaped bird seed ornaments...

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  15. Photo Booth

    Photo Booth

    It was so much fun putting together a DIY photobooth for our family's New Years Eve celebration! Not only did it keep...

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