18 Cool Holidays & Events: spring DIY projects

It’s officially spring! Celebrate by choosing the perfect STEAM-inspired activity from our library of DIY projects, from gardening to painting.

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  1. Spring Color Sorting and Counting Activity

    Spring Color Sorting and Counting Activity

    Learn colors, practice sorting, and do a little bit of counting with this simple and fun springtime activity.

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  2. Egg Carton Spring Wreath

    Egg Carton Spring Wreath

    We have made these sweet egg carton flowers since my daughter was very young. They always come out so pretty and colorful we thought making...

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  3. Craft Stick Basket

    Craft Stick Basket

    I love how imperfectly darling this little basket came out. My daughter enjoyed personalizing each popsicle stick as she built this little spring gem!

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  4. Paper Bag Nest

    Paper Bag Nest

    This nest is so simple to make, but comes out just darling! My daughter has made several now, to fill with her spring knick-knacks. This...

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  5. Handprint Bunny Card

    Handprint Bunny Card

    Create this precious handprint bunny as a keepsake, or send it in a card to someone special.

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  6. Tussie Mussies for May Day

    Tussie Mussies for May Day

    Traditionally May Day baskets are made, flowers are placed inside, and they are then hung on the doors of neighbors and loved ones on the...

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  7. Paper Bags + Scissors = Nest

    Paper Bags + Scissors = Nest

    The egg dying & decorating season is in full swing. Regardless of whether you're doing plastic, "real," hard-boiled or blown-out, chances are you'll soon...

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  8. Sensory Rainbows

    Sensory Rainbows

    My kids are currently in love with rainbows! We have had so much fun lately making rainbow crafts and practicing colors with my two-year-old....

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  9. Cupcake Liner Daffodils

    Cupcake Liner Daffodils

    Daffodils always make me think of sunshine and Springtime! My kids had a great time making these easy Cupcake Liner Daffodils using materials we...

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  10. Butterfly Coffee Filters

    Butterfly Coffee Filters

    This is such a simple little craft and the children love both the process and the results which make perfect gifts for so many occasions...

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  11. DIY Microwave Pressed Flowers

    DIY Microwave Pressed Flowers

    What if Mother's Day is right around the corner and you suddenly decided that you have the perfect craft but it must be decorated with...

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  12. Hand Hearts

    Hand Hearts

    What says "I love you" more than a personal, hand-made Valentine? This is a great craft for your child to express what is in his/her...

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  13. Vintage Spring Coasters

    Vintage Spring Coasters

    Spring activities & decorations are our favorite. These sweet tiles are fun for the kids to make and make the sweetest gift for family and...

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  14. Easter Egg Wreath

    Easter Egg Wreath

    Decorate your house with this simple Easter egg wreath craft.

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  15. Yarn Eggs

    Yarn Eggs

    We have done this simple craft for many different occasions. We have made hearts, shamrocks and flower shapes, but on this day (with quickly-approaching spring...

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