Autumn Leaf Necklace

Autumn Leaf Necklace

This exciting activity will have your youngster wearing fall fashionably. This necklace is very durable--a rousing session of hula hooping broke out immediately after! And, by using artificial leaves, this necklace will last a lifetime. In this house, making and wearing jewelry is a must for my little girl. I do believe she may have more necklaces than me!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. artificial leaves (multi-colored )
  2. string
  3. pony beads
  4. bowl
  5. hole punch
  1. We started by picking out our fake leaves one by one. I had many shapes and sizes and I had V count out 20 to use for her necklace.

  2. After V decided on her twenty leaves to incorporate into her necklace, I used the hole puncher to punch a hole into the base of each leaf. When punching the holes it may not cut all the way through depending on the thickness of the artificial leaves; this is OK.

  3. I did the hole punching because V is younger (3), and she lacks the dexterity to use the hole puncher because of her age. An older child can take charge of this step.

  4. After every leaf has a hole at its base, tie a knot onto one end of your plastic lacing or string to stop the beads and leaves from coming off once your child starts threading. Next, with all your tools laid out, you are ready to have your child start threading their necklace.

  5. Have your child make their necklace by threading the leaves and pony beads onto the plastic lacing or string.

  6. When I punched the holes in the leaves, it did not cut all the way through but left a small flap to thread through. By doing it this way, it increased the level of fine motor skills needed for this activity, making the necklace a little more challenging to thread. V was frustrated at first but got the hang of it quickly.

  7. Have your child thread the leaves and pony beads to their desired length of necklace. V wanted hers pretty long, long enough to touch her belly. Once she finished, we connected the two ends to create a necklace.

  8. After the initial dancing around in her new necklace, V took advantage of the beautiful sun-filled, crisp afternoon by hula hooping. You never know when a session of hula hooping will break out!