Beaded Holiday Art

Beaded Holiday Art

With a little prep from me, Maddie has made a series of holiday decorations for our home, as well as darling gifts for her grandmothers.

Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. frame - we used $1 frames from Michael's
  2. cross stitch cloth
  3. acrylic paint
  4. hot glue / hot glue gun
  5. beads
  6. needle and thread
  7. paintbrush
  8. pliers (optional)
  1. You could use a cloth besides cross stitch fabric, but this fabric is easy to line up with the frame, and the holes make it easy for children to stitch.

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  2. First there was a quick step for me... there are tabs on the back of the frames, we didn't need those. Other times we've made these I've just bent them in, but this time I just pulled them out with pliers--easy peasy.

  3. I asked Maddie what color she'd like to paint her frames, and she set to it!

  4. When the frames were dry, it was my turn again. Since we were using oval frames this time, I wanted a nice, tidy fit. I put the frame on a piece of paper, then pointing the end of the pen as far inside the frame as possible, I traced the size.

  5. I cut it out, then put it in the frame to check the size. I could see that it was about 1/4 inch smaller than my frame edge, so I cut the cloth about 1/4 inch larger than my paper template.

  6. When I had the cloth cut, I pulled it taut. and put a thin line of hot glue across the top of the frame. I pushed on the fabric, then worked my way around the frame, keeping it taut. When the cloth was on, it was all ready for Maddie's art!

  7. She has made Christmas trees, gingerbread people (cut out of felt), and this time she wanted to make pretty packages.

  8. First she chose a color, and painted it with acrylic paint.

  9. We let it dry, and then she stitched the outside edge with some showy embroidery thread.

  10. Next came the beading! Adding bits of pretty and sparkle to things is a definite favorite pastime of Madeleine's! We stitched on a ribbon, and it was all finished.

  11. So pretty! I just know Grandma is going to love it!