Christmas Sponge Stamp Blocks

Christmas Sponge Stamp Blocks

The beauty of simple household sponges cut into Christmas shapes, makes this a fun simple stamping craft to celebrate the holidays.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. sponges
  2. paint
  3. watercolor paper or thick cardstock
  4. pen
  5. stencils
  6. scissors
  7. paper plate
  8. optional: smock
  1. Gather the materials pictured, as well as a surface (like a paper plate) to pour paint onto. Using a smock is optional, but recommended.

  2. Start by placing your stencils on the sponge (utilizing current household items, we decided to use play-dough cutters as basic stencil shapes). V picked out a Christmas tree and a Christmas star for her stamping fun. Next, we traced the outer edges of the stencils, drawing the outline of each shape.

  3. Next, using the drawn outline as your guide, cut out shapes in the sponge. (V.'s not quite old enough for scissors yet--but of course this is a step that slightly older kids can do on their own.)

  4. Lastly, with the sponge stamps cut out, we poured some paint onto a paper plate. V then dipped the sponges into the paint, smeared them around, and stamped away.

  5. There might have been a little bit of finger painting involved too!