Clothespin Advent Calendar

Clothespin Advent Calendar

Can you feel the excitement brewing? There are so many ways that you can count down the days til Christmas. This year, our family made an Advent calendar to celebrate the season.

We all thought of fun things we wanted to do as a family and wrote down each idea on cards. (My husband wrote, "hot-fudge sundae at McDonald's" on one--so yummy!) Of course, you can customize your Advent calendar treats however you'd like...

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. wood panels (2; 18"x3.5")
  2. clothespins (24 )
  3. crayons (red and green)
  4. glue
  5. paper
  6. scissors
  1. We had some wood scraps in the garage so we sanded the panels down and used them for this project. (We used wood because we wanted our calendar to last; you can substitute foam board for the wood if you don't have a way to cut the wood. Fortunately, my husband has a saw and looks good covered in saw dust!)

  2. Our kids Clare and Jackson glued the clothespins to the wood. My hubby and I made sure all the pins were straight and that 1/3 of the pincher side hung over the edge. You want to make sure you space the pins out equally: You want 6 clothes pins on each side of the two pieces of wood; the pins add up to 24 days.

  3. Then Jackson cut out 24 slips of paper. Each slip was sized at about 3"x1.5", which we then folded in half. (Feel free to try different sizes of paper. If you want to, you could even try and find some small envelopes. Remember: This is your Advent calendar, so personalize it!)

  4. Jackson showed off his writing skills and wrote 1-24 on the cards. Our baby is growing up!

    He wanted to keep the calendar "Christmasy" so he stuck with red and green crayons to write the numbers.

  5. After that, we wrote the special treat on the back. (If you want it to be a surprise, don't tell your child what you're writing.) Some of our ideas were going to look at Christmas lights, giving someone a hug, or opening one present.

    We are going to use this calendar to begin Christmas traditions with our children.

  6. We then placed the cards in order on the boards. This calendar was designed to sit on a table. (Or, if you prefer, you can hang it on a wall by attaching a picture hanger to the back.)

  7. We hope that this calendar has inspired you to create some of your own Christmas traditions. Feel free to use our hot-fudge sundae tradition--you've been good this year!