Columbus Day Bento Box

Columbus Day Bento Box

Columbus set out to explore the world and find a new route to India by sailing the ocean blue. My son and I set out to explore ways to use foods he loves to create a Columbus-themed bento box.

"Playing" with our food by exploring fun ways to create food pictures is something my son and I started doing when he was very young. It has helped him be more willing to explore new foods and try foods he loves in new ways.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. bread (1 slice)
  2. peach (1 slice)
  3. ham (deli) (1 Slice)
  4. tortilla chips (four)
  5. dried apricot (1)
  6. dried blueberries (8)
  7. bento box
  8. plastic knife
  1. Columbus needed to start by convincing Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand to give him a boat. We started by making a boat out of a sandwich thin.

  2. The boat needed sails to help it move across the sea. We studied the American cheese and decided how to cut the slice of cheese into three sails.

  3. Sails need masts to hang from, so my son used his fingers to roll the deli ham into narrow masts. 

  4. A peach colored sun helped Columbus gauge the time of day. We created our peach sun using a round cookie cutter.

  5. Columbus believed he had made it all the way to the Indies when in fact he had really reached the Bahamas. To celebrate his journey to the Bahamas, we made a dried fruit version of the flag of the Bahamas by smashing dried blueberries into flat circles for the stripes of the flag and a prune into a triangle.

  6. An apricot was smashed and then a strip was cut into it to create the yellow center stripe on the flag.

  7. Once we had everything prepped, we assembled the foods to look like a boat, sun, and flag. The final touch was to break some blue tortilla chips to give our boat the water it needed to float. Now we're all set for our adventure on the high seas!