Cornucopia of Art

Cornucopia of Art

Creating a children's table for Thanksgiving is a fun tradition for our family. My children love brainstorming and decorating each detail. This fall, we built a cornucopia and filled the horn o' plenty with art supplies. I predict that this table will be a hotspot of creative activity come Turkey Day! 

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. poster board paper
  2. tissue paper - fall colors
  3. glue
  4. foam brush
  5. stapler
  6. masking tape
  7. scissors
  1. To make a cornucopia, I first rolled the poster board into a cone shape and used a stapler to close it. I ended up needing a little masking tape as well. While I did this, the kids got to work on tearing the tissue paper.

  2. We cut the opening of the cornucopia a little to get a more authentic look. You can make any size you want. We planned on filling it up with a ton of art we made a big one!

  3. Emma watered down the glue a bit and we got to work on covering our cornucopia with the tissue paper.

  4. Covering some parts got a little tricky and a little silly! When it was all covered, we let it dry for about an hour.

  5. Once the cornucopia was dry, we had a lot of fun filling it with art supplies for the Thanksgiving table. You can fill this with anything you might want at the table...snacks, beads, journals, or even flowers. It would even be a nice hostess gift if you are going to another home on Thanksgiving. I know my kids would love to receive a cornucopia of art instead of a pie on Thanksgiving Day.