Cupid Arrows

Cupid Arrows

Need some Valentine crafts? Why not make Cupid's Bow & Arrow!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. feathers (1 bag)
  2. skewers (1 bag)
  3. felt sticker hearts (1 bag)
  4. bakers twine (1 )
  5. markers (1-5)
  6. scissors (1)
  7. pipe cleaners (1)
  1. Gather Supplies, glue gun (not in pictures) was plugged in away from little ones reach.

  2. Pick out your wood skewer

  3. You can either color your sticks to decorate...

  4. or you can decorate the stick with pipcleaners, just hot or tacky glue the top and bottom so they stay in place.

  5. Now pick out which hearts you want & have mom help align the hearts at the bottom of your arrow.

  6. You can lay the bottom one in place and have them just do the top on to match on the other side, whichever is easiest.

  7. Now it is time for the feathers, this one is a little more tricky so mom might need to take over with the hotglue gun.

  8. Don't worry, while you are putting together the feather ends, the kids won't be missing out on anything.. my daughter had a good 15 minutes of fun just blowing all of the feathers everywhere... i didn't mind one bit because I was able to get the hot glue gun part over before she knew it was time to move on to the next step. This section, was the only reason I rated this project messy ;)

  9. Now you can look at your finished product, or keep going and make a bunch of cute little Cupid's Arrows!

  10. You can also take this project one step further & construct a bow for your arrow with the bakers twine & a stick. All credit to this part goes to my husband, what would we do without a guy's mind!?

  11. You can either play with these or stick them on the kids' shelf in an old mason jar to decorate for Valentine's!