Decorative Duct Tape Easter Eggs

Decorative Duct Tape Easter Eggs

Yet another way to use duct tape -- to decorate your Easter eggs! This is a fun and easy project for you and your little ones to do together.

3 - 4
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. duct tape
  2. scissors
  3. plastic eggs
  1. Gather your very simple set of materials for this project.

  2. Start by cutting off strips of duct tape. Next, seal your eggs closed with a tape strip to provide a stable surface to work with.

  3. Now, decorate your eggs! We found it easier to cut the strips in advance so they were ready to use. V and I both cut off small & long strips, some messy and some neat. We then applied them to our Easter eggs.

  4. Our completed eggs! Left to right:

    1. V wrapped tape around while I helped
    2. this egg is completely V made
    3. V and I both made "flowers" by going in circles with the tape strips.