Doily Snowflake Painting

Doily Snowflake Painting

Finding crafts that both my two- and five-year-old can enjoy together can sometimes be challenging, so when I find one we seem to do it often! We have made many snowflakes since discovering how much fun both children have making these winter gems. You can't have too many snowflakes, right?!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. doilies
  2. glue stick
  3. paper
  4. watercolor paint - liquid watercolor
  5. paintbrushes
  1. The kids helped me gather a few materials for a morning of painting. Painting is one activity that always entertains both my kids.

  2. First, they used a glue stick to glue the doily down on a sheet of watercolor paper. I was sure to tell them we only needed a little glue since we would be removing the doily later, but these kids love their glue sticks and felt the need to cover the entire doily with purple paste!

  3. They got to painting with our liquid watercolors. Oh, how we love liquid watercolors!

  4. Once they were done painting, we pulled up the doilies to reveal beautiful snowflakes. This was especially exciting for my two-year-old.

  5. We let our paintings dry and hung them up. Then the kiddos got started on some more snowflake paintings!