Fall Harvest Bento Box

Fall Harvest Bento Box

Fall is filled with not only wonderful seasonal changes to trees, but with yummy fruits. My son loves to have meals that illustrate things we are learning about at home. The signs of fall (like leaves turning from green to rich hues of red and orange) are something that we've been talking about. This themed lunch features both fall symbols and our favorite fall fruits!

4 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. bread (1 slice)
  2. plum - sliced thinly
  3. pear - sliced thinly
  4. cheese
  5. lunch meat
  6. bento box
  7. cookie cutters
  8. scissors
  9. plastic knife
  10. peach - sliced thinly
  1. Use a plastic knife to cut out a tree shape. My preschool-age son carefully created branches.

  2. Thinly sliced fresh peaches are really easy to push a cookie cutter through. My son was able to push the cookie cutter through the peach slices with just two fingers.

  3. A thinly sliced pear is wide wide enough that you can cut two leaves out of them.

  4. My son also made some leaves out of a thinly sliced plum.

  5. My son loves the tang of Colby Jack cheese so he made some shapes out of that too.

  6. Since our turkey meat was deli sliced paper thin, we figured cookie cutters wouldn't work. My son used some scissors to cut out fluffy clouds.

  7. We added the shapes to a bento box. Our leafy tree, bright sun, and fluffy clouds made for a delicious fall harvest!