Fall Pinecone Wreath

Fall Pinecone Wreath

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. My kids are always pointing out all the pretty leaves around them. We decided to make a little wreath to showcase all the beautiful things they find on our nature walks!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. wreath
  2. scissors
  3. string
  4. leaves
  5. pinecones
  1. We started our project by heading out on a nature walk to a nearby project. Each kid had a bag and gathered up leaves and pinecones and anything else they thought looked pretty. Then we gathered up some grapevine wreaths (found at any craft store for a few bucks), some string to tie things on, and scissors.

  2. Since it was a beautiful day, we did the whole project outside. The kids wove the stems of the leaves they gathered into the vine wreath.

  3. We used string to wrap around larger items (like big leaves) to the wreath.

  4. Ta-da! These beautiful wreaths are a fun celebration of fall. The kids loved this simple and easy project, especially since they were able to do the whole thing themselves.