Felted Wool Ornaments

Felted Wool Ornaments

Nothing makes my kids happier than making ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree. These felted wool ornaments look cozy, are fun to make, and are a fun-hands on projects for the kiddos.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
1-2 hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. roving wool
  2. warm water
  3. warm water
  4. needle
  5. thread
  1. To start this project you will need some roving wool. We got ours at a craft store; it came in a pack of fun bright colors that the kids loved. Roving wool is for needle felting or other felting projects. However, to keep the project kid-friendly for my little ones, we avoided the needle felting.

    You will need two bowls: one with very warm (as warm as your kids hands can tolerate) water, and one with equally warm soapy water.

  2. The kids tore off strips of the wool in the colors they wanted and layered them together before rolling them up. Then they rolled the wool up into balls and other shapes. (They had fun coming up with designs.)

  3. They dipped the wool ball into the warm soapy water and squeezed out the excesses water. Things should be nice and soapy and wet; my kids loved this part.

  4. Next they rubbed the wool in their hands to form the shape they wanted (a ball, an icicle, a monster, etc.). The friction of rubbing the wool after it was dipped in the warm soapy water helps the felting process. After some time, they dipped the wool in the clean water and then rubbed it some more.

  5. They kept adding friction to the wool until the wool was tight and dry.

  6. They got pretty creative with their designs and colors. When the ornaments were done, we set them out to dry for about an hour.

  7. Then since my kids are young, I threaded a needle and added a loop to the ornaments so that they could be hung. We added words to some of the ornaments and left others as is.

  8. The kids were quite pleased with the outcome and can't wait to hang them up. It's always fun to see what kids create!