Festive Confetti Votive

Festive Confetti Votive

I am a little in love with these votive holders we made with just a little confetti, glue and a jar! Wouldn't these be a great way to decorate for a birthday party or a 4th of July gathering? Bonus--the kids loved making them!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. jars
  2. mod podge
  3. foam brush
  4. confetti
  5. small bowl
  1. This project has so many possibilities when you browse the confetti aisle. Imagine how cool tiny stars would be, or little birthday balloon confetti!

  2. We added our confetti to a bowl. Then we added enough Mod Podge to coat all the confetti and make it spreadable.

  3. Confetti glue! Hmm...what else could we use this for?

  4. My daughter used a foam brush to coat our old pickle jar with the confetti. I helped by holding the jar for her so she could easily get all sides.

  5. It already looks cool! Now just a couple hours to dry and we had a fantastic celebration votive holder!

  6. Pretty festive! The kids loved making these. I can't wait to explore some other confetti options.