Folder of Fun

Folder of Fun

Instead of coming up with traditional new year's resolutions, this year our family did something a little different: we came up with kid-friendly resolutions that gave our family fun activities to do all year round.

Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. manila envelope
  2. craft sticks / popsicle sticks
  3. sandwich bag / small ziplock bag (12)
  4. markers
  1. First, we grabbed the materials we needed. (We used craft sticks, but you could also just use paper if you'd like.)

  2. We labeled each bag with a month. 

  3. The funnest part of this project was talking with the kids about the different months and the activities they would like to do during the months. We decided to write out three activities per month. The kids got to decide on the activities. We avoided things like holidays and birthdays (since those were events that we knew we were definitely celebrating) and instead came up with fun activities that would help us explore new things.

  4. Then the kids loaded the sticks in the bag for each month. We went with bags so that as we did the activities, we could save things in the baggies. For example, movie tickets from the movie date, or a leaf from the leaf hunt.

  5. Once all the bags were filled, we put them in the yellow envelop. Each month, we draw a stick from the month's bag and enjoy that activity together as a family. (We aim to do just one stick a month--12 mini resolutions are plenty for one year!)