Fourth of July Visor Craft

Fourth of July Visor Craft

We found these great foam visors at the craft store that would be perfect for our July 4th barbeque. We just needed to add a few extra special touches.

2 - 8
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. foam visor
  2. foam stickers
  3. glitter glue
  1. There seems to be foam everything these day. I am usually not big into it, but, when we saw these great visors, I just had to get them! They are so adorable and such a simple craft to set up for the kids.

  2. My daughter added a few star stickers to the hat to make it festive.

  3. Then, with glitter glue, she turned her stars into fireworks! Really cute and simple.

  4. Are these adorable or what? We loved them so much that we decided to make this our party craft for all the kids coming over.