Glittered, Colored Pasta Pumpkins

Glittered, Colored Pasta Pumpkins

My girls and I love pumpkins. I look forward to fall just so I can get my fill of pumpkin crafts, food, and fun. While we thoroughly enjoy crafting together, I try to give my girls a process they will enjoy and leave the end result up to their interpretation. These pasta wheel pumpkins were a perfect activity for them. They enjoyed working with the colored pasta and each made their own unique pumpkins. This activity is perfect for some fall fun.

3 - 7
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. pasta - wheels
  2. pasta - macaroni
  3. food coloring (red, yellow, and green)
  4. alcohol
  5. glitter
  6. glue
  7. card stock paper
  8. sandwich bag / small ziplock bag
  1. We used uncooked macaroni pasta for stems and pasta wheels for the pumpkins. To color our pasta, we separated each into a sandwich bag. We added some green food coloring for the stems and yellow and red food coloring to make orange for the pumpkins, along with some alcohol to help the food coloring spread and adhere. The girls took care of shaking up the bags by dancing and jumping around. After shaking, we removed the pasta from the sandwich bags and placed them into paper towels to dry and added some glitter for some sparkly fun.

  2. To make our pumpkins, both girls drew their pumpkin design onto card stock using glue. The girls each made their own designs.

  3. My oldest made one huge pumpkin that she deemed the "great pumpkin." She was very particular about trying to cover all the spaces. It was a bit like a puzzle with the pasta wheels, finding the best placement.

  4. My youngest made several mini pumpkins. This was perfect for her and her attention span during the activity. At 5, she still tends to do things rather quickly.

  5. Our glittered pasta pumpkins turned out great and they were so easy to make. It was definitely a wonderful fall activity to enjoy together.