Handprint Christmas Tree Skirt

Handprint Christmas Tree Skirt

Looking back on Christmas as a kid, it occurs to me I remember more about the simple rituals of decorating the tree, baking, and playing board games with family than I do about any particular present. Now that I have my own kids, I take plenty of opportunity to create memorable traditions for our family. I never got around to buying a Christmas tree skirt, which is a good thing since now we can make one together.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. felt (for the skirt)
  2. felt (for handprints)
  3. scissors
  4. chalk
  5. fabric glue
  6. glitter glue (for writing names and dates)
  7. ribbon (optional - for adding a border )
  1. Once upon a time, I could sew. I even sewed my own costumes during my theatre days in high school. But as most unpracticed skills go, I've grown awkward with a needle and thread. Accordingly, Fabric Fusion has become my best friend when it comes to making costumes for my kids. My adhesive friend saves the day again for my new tree skirt as well.

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  2. The task of cutting a big circle is easy if you start with a square piece of felt. I used a 3 ft X 3ft piece since our tree is relatively narrow.

  3. For the handprints, my son picked out his favorite felt color, and of course he went for kelly green! It's a nice contrast to my red skirt. He traced his own handprints using chalk and then we cut his handprints out. The reason I chose felt for the handprints instead of paint is because of our darling baby.

  4. We have a 5 month-old, and I was doubtful I was going to be able to get a clean hand print from him using paint. Nor was I able to trace his chubby little balled up baby fists with chalk!

  5. So I used paint as a go-between. It definitely took a few tries to get his fists to relax enough so I could press his tiny hands onto the felt with non-toxic, washable finger paint. That would've been a disaster if I was trying to press his handprint directly on the skirt! Now I was able to cut out his paint-on-white-felt print and use it as a pattern for the green felt.

  6. After the kids were finally in bed, I glued on the handprints and my shiny red border. I went for a more subtle look with the border, though considered a stronger-contrasting gold one.

  7. Now my tree skirt complete with handprints brightens the base of our tree! I used gold glitter glue to write their names and date. Markers work too, if you don't happen to have a glitter glue stash.