Handprint Felt Mittens

Handprint Felt Mittens

There are few things that make me happier than childhood keepsakes; thankfully my children love making these mittens as much as I love seeing them hanging on our tree.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. felt
  2. tacky glue
  3. stuffing (cotton or tissue)
  4. bangles
  5. needle - optional
  6. hot glue / hot glue gun (optional)
  7. thread - optional
  8. glitter
  9. sequins
  10. sewing machine - for grownup use...or use with careful adult supervision, if your child is old enough
  11. paper
  12. pencil
  1. After gathering together our supplies...

  2. ...Maddie traced her hand on a piece of scratch paper.

  3. She cut out her handprints, then I used this as a template to cut out the pattern on pieces of felt she had chosen. "Polka dots? Stripes? Flowers?" Nope. Plain pink, she wanted.

  4. I asked the children if they wanted their mittens glued or sewn--both opted for sewn. "Do you want to handstitch them, or sew them on the sewing machine?" Both definitely wanted the machine! (This was Trev's first time!) They chose the stitch type, and the thread, and I stitched the mittens for them until it came to the straight line, and they took over. Vroom! We left the bottom of the mittens open for stuffing.

  5. We got out the doodads... we had bits of lace, buttons, sequins, bangles, mosaic pieces, foam things, ribbon, small wood pieces, pompoms, glitter glue, rickrack (one of my daughter's new favorite things--I think she just likes to say "rickrack")...

  6. Then they got to decorating!

  7. Much hilarity ensued when Maddie made a mustache out of two leaves, so of course she had to make faces on one side of each mitten.

  8. When the mittens were decorated, we stuffed them through the bottom with a bit of cotton,

  9. using a pencil to poke the stuffing where we needed it to go.

  10. Then each of the kids chose some ribbon, and I hot-glued the ribbon inside the openings, sealing the mittens closed.

  11. I handed the mittens back to the children, and asked them to look them over. Is anything loose? Is that the way you want it? Need to add anything? Naaah...according to the kids, they're perfect!