Handprint Turkey Burlap Keepsake

Handprint Turkey Burlap Keepsake

Thanksgiving is always such a wonderful time to spend with family. We all know that the years fly by, but crafting a Thanksgiving keepsake with your child’s handprint is the perfect way to make a lasting memory of the season. The kids had a lot of fun helping me make turkey-inspired art and I’m sure your child will have a turkey-riffic time too!

5 - 8
Est. Time:

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. pasta - (or colored beads)
  2. pipe cleaners
  3. tempera paints
  4. construction paper
  5. markers
  6. cardboard
  7. burlap
  8. scissors
  9. hole punch
  10. school glue
  11. plastic bag - (optional)
  12. food coloring - (optional)
  1. Help your child paint the palm and thumb of his/her hand brown - then paint each of the fingers a different color.

    Press his/her hand onto a piece of burlap. Make sure to leave room to draw the turkey's beak and legs!

  2. Once dry, use your marker to give the turkey an eye and two legs. Use the orange marker to draw a break and the red marker to give the turkey it's waddle.

  3. Next get your tag ready. You can handwrite your tag or print it from the computer, then cut it to size. Here's an example:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Child's name, Year

  4. Cut a piece of cardboard large enough to paste your burlap square and your tag. Use a hole punch to place two holes at the top of your cardboard piece.

    You will use these holes to hang the finished keepsake. Help your little artist decorate the front side of the cardboard with paint and let it dry.

  5. Use glue to paste the tag onto the cardboard below the holes. Then glue the burlap turkey square below your tag. Let the glue dry.

  6. Poke one end of the pipe cleaner into a hole in your cardboard piece from front to back and twist to secure.

    String pasta or beads onto the pipe cleaner for embellishment. You can dye a handful of pasta in a ziploc bag using 4-5 drops of food coloring and a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Shake up the ziploc bag so that the pasta is coated evenly with color and let dry completely before stringing onto your pipe cleaner.

    Secure the remaining side of the pipe cleaner. Now you can hang and admire your child's Thanksgiving keepsake!