Hidden Snowball Game

Hidden Snowball Game

You and your toddler will have a blast playing this homemade Hidden Snowball Game together!

2 - 4
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. felt - white and assorted colors
  2. scissors
  1. To get ready for this game, simply cut a mitten shape out of each color of felt. Cut a circle out of white felt for the snowball.

  2. Hide the snowball under a mitten while your child closes his or her eyes.

  3. Next, have your child try to guess where the snowball is hidden. "Is it under the green mitten?" Lift up the mitten and answer yes or no. Continue this with the other mittens until the snowball is discovered.

  4. We played this game over and over again, and had so much fun. She was always so excited to find the snowball--no matter now many guesses it took. Hiding it was a treat, too! I love this game because each player gets the chance to practice naming and finding colors.