Holiday Hand Sanitizer

Holiday Hand Sanitizer

My son and I have decorated hand sanitizer bottles before and with the holidays coming up I thought we could decorate some for Christmas/Winter. My son loves hand sanitizer and he loves to help mommy craft so this was the perfect project for us to spend time together. When we were through we had some fun to use hand sanitizer bottles too.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. hand sanitizer bottles (3) - use as many as you want to make
  2. construction paper (1 sheet each, black, red, & yellow ) - for Santa and reindeer nose
  3. pipe cleaner (1-2, brown) - for reindeer
  4. googly eyes (2) - for reindeer
  5. foam sheets (1 yellow ) - for mittens
  6. sequins (8) - for mittens- decorate how you want
  7. yarn - enough to wrap around bottle neck
  8. glue (1)
  9. hot glue gun - Caution these are hot-I used this and my son helped a little
  1. Gather all your supplies. I pre cut the red, black, and yellow pieces needed to make the Santa bottle. I just did this by hand. I traced an outline of mittens on the foam sheet folded in half and then cut to get 2 mittens. I cut the pipe cleaner in half and then cut 2 smaller pieces of the 2 halves. I peeled the labels off the hand sanitizer bottles. They came off with ease. If you get a bottle that does not come off as easy as mine you can use Goo Be Gone to help take it off. Now that everything is ready I called my son to help me.

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  2. We started with the mitten bottle. My son added glue to the mitten and then pressed the sequins down on them.

  3. Once the sequins was dry we came back and I used the hot glue gun on the mitten and then let my son help me press the yarn down on to it. Do this step for both mittens. Now you take the yarn and wrap it around the neck of the bottle.

  4. We now moved on to the Santa bottle. For this one I cut out a square of red paper, a strip of black paper, and a small square of yellow paper.

  5. Now my son glued the paper pieces on the bottle with my help. First the red pieces, then the black strip for the belt, and then the yellow piece for the buckle. We now had a Santa bottle.

  6. Our last and my sons favorite bottle is the reindeer. We used pipe cleaner, googly eyes, and a red circle nose cut from paper for this one.

  7. I used the hot glue gun to glue the antlers(pipe cleaners) on the back of the bottle. My son helped by pressing my finger down over the pipe cleaner into the glue. The 2 smaller pieces of pipe cleaner I cut, I twisted at the top of the antler.

  8. My son applied glue and added the nose and eyes. Later our eyes came off. The elmers glue was not strong enough so I went back and hot glued them on.

  9. We now had 3 fun hand sanitizer bottles to use to help keep our hands clean. My son was so excited to use them. He loves them so much we are keeping them. However these would be great gifts for teachers, friends, and family.