Lace Snowflake

Lace Snowflake

We thought that Grandma might really enjoy one of these pretties for her tree... she always is so happy to receive things handmade with love!

5 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. lace
  2. glue
  3. yarn
  4. ribbon, white (optional)
  5. popsicle stick
  6. small bowl
  7. plastic wrap
  8. tray or plate
  1. Use whatever whites you like... we had rickrack, ribbon, lace that came on a spool, and white yarn. I put a sheet of plastic wrap over a tray so we would have a spot to dry our snowflakes.

  2. First Madeleine decided how tall she'd like her snowflake. So she cut her first length, then two more. She loved figuring out the length... she counted the bumps on the lace's edge for measurement.

  3. She laid them out, making her plan... so pretty already!

  4. She mixed up some white glue with a splash of water to thin it a bit,

  5. took her first piece of lace, and dipped it in the glue,

  6. and then squeezed out some of the excess.

  7. When she had the layers arranged, she chose to add a bit of glitter.

  8. We let them dry for a few hours, then when they were mostly dry on the top, we turned them over carefully to dry the underside. I hot glued a bit or ribbon on top (for quick drying and hanging), but you could sew on the ribbon, weave it in, or tie it in. Beautiful!