Origami Paper Rock April Fool's Day Joke

Origami Paper Rock April Fool's Day Joke

Looking for a cute fun little April's Fools Day joke to play on someone? Read on!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. paper
  1. Begin by giving your kiddo a piece of paper and tell him or her that you are going to teach them the art of paper folding, or origami.

  2. Tell them they will make something spectacular if they follow your instructions carefully. Now, tell them to fold the paper in half.

  3. And in half again. My daughter wanted to know what she was making but I wouldn't tell! :)

  4. And again! Another fold for something fantastic!

  5. Oooh yes and another! What is it going to be??

  6. Now, tell your kiddo to crumple the paper into a ball. My daughter still thought this was part of the origami hee hee.

  7. Then shout, "Terrific! You made a rock!!" My daughter's face says it all!

  8. Have fun playing this harmless prank on your kiddo or have them play it on a friend, sibling, or family member!