Packing Tape Ghosts

Packing Tape Ghosts

Discover the process of mold making and create a “ghost” using your favorite stuffed animal or a human hand, leg, or torso!

9 - 16
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. plastic wrap
  2. packing tape
  3. scissors - Use bandage scissors if using an adult model
  4. inanimate object - or adult model
  1. Watch out!

    Use adult supervision and be very careful when wrapping a model with plastic wrap and packing tape. Avoid the face and do not wrap them too tightly! 

  2. Gather your materials! 

  3. Decide what you’d like to have as a mold for your ghost and cut a piece of plastic wrap large enough to wrap it in. 

  4. Tip!

    If you’re using an adult model, make sure that you’re not wrapping too tightly and always ask the model if it feels too tight. 

  5. Continue wrapping the object or model in plastic wrap until it’s entirely wrapped. 

  6. Tip!

    You may have to use several layers of plastic wrap to cover all the areas. 

  7. Begin wrapping the object or model in packing tape (over the plastic wrap). Continue until it’s entirely wrapped in packing tape.

  8. Very carefully cut the mold off of your object or model where it’s easiest to do so.

  9. Tip!

    You want to make as few cuts as possible because you will have to tape these “seams” back together later. 

  10. Remove the mold from your object or model. 

  11. Tape the mold back together at its seams (where you cut it off of your object or model).  

  12. Tip!

    You may want to stuff your mold to better keep its shape. Try experimenting with plastic wrap, stretchy white spider webs, or string lights to light it up! 

  13.  Use your spooky packing tape ghost as decoration for Halloween!