Paper Christmas Tree

Paper Christmas Tree

Let your little or big ones personalize a handmade Christmas tree of their very own!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. cardstock (4) - Cardstock, cardboard or any extra paper you have lying around the house can be easily used for the structure of the Christmas tree
  2. glue (1) - Glue will be used to connect each fold on all four tiers of the Christmas tree
  3. yarn - As an optional adornment you can apply a yarn pom pom to the top of your Christmas tree
  4. pen
  5. scissors
  6. crayons
  1. Before my son and I started our Christmas tree project, we gathered all of our materials.

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  2. I began by tracing out three triangles, of equal size, side by side. I also included a flap on the bottom of each triangle and one on the side of one triangle, that I later used as a guide to fold my three dimensional triangle. I traced one small grouping of triangles for the top of my tree, two medium size groupings, one for the middle and one for the trunk, and one large grouping of triangles for the widest part of our tree. My son is too young to use scissors, so I helped him cut each one of the triangle groupings out.

  3. Once our pieces were cut I let my son draw on each one. Since he is just two years ol,d I only trusted him with crayons, but your children can use crayons, markers, paint, stickers, etc...let them be creative when creating their own personal Christmas tree.

  4. Once my son was finished designing his masterpieces, I used every line that I had previously drawn as a guide, to fold the paper.

  5. Next, I placed a small line of glue along the side flap of the triangle and attached it to the side. Once the side was secure I glued the bottom flaps of the triangle.

  6. Now that all of my triangles were glued, it was assembly time.

  7. Assemble your tree by simply stacking your triangles on top of each other in order of size, using your second medium size triangle as your trunk. For an additional tree my son and I made, we swapped out the green trunk triangle for a brown one made from cardboard, using the same process and assembly. I also surprised my son and made a small yellow yarn pom pom to serve as the star for his tree. My son is only two but lights up every time he sees the Christmas tree that he helped design!