Pillowcase Ghost

Pillowcase Ghost

Decorating the house for the holidays is a great way to spend some family time together and get excited about the holidays. This weekend we created this spooky ghost to liven up the neighborhood this Halloween.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. pillowcase
  2. scissors
  3. permanent markers (e.g., sharpies)
  4. cardboard (to protect your workspace)
  1. I found these pillowcases at a thrift shop. I drew the outline of a ghost for my young kids, but older kids can do this step on their own. Make sure the head and arms hit the top seam; those ares are where the ghost will hang off your tree.

  2. My five-year-old told me exactly how she wanted the ghost to look ("now make the bottom curve up and down..."). I cut around the ghost and up the side seams, but I left the top seams as is. 

  3. Emma got to work on the important stuff: giving our ghost a spooky face! (Make sure this step is done over cardboard, to protect your workspace.)

  4. When the faces were done, we hung these guys in our front yard. Now they're ready to spook trick-or-treaters!