Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

Make merry this season with a tree to call your own. This pint-sized pine was inspired by the tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas, which my cousins adore watching every December.

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. pipe cleaners (50 green, 12 sparkly)
  2. wooden dowel
  3. wooden toy wheel
  4. wooden beads
  1. This cheerful tree is easy to make, fun to trim, and (best of all) leaves no pesky pine needles behind.

  2. First, insert the wooden dowel into the wooden wheel.

  3. Then, starting at the base, wrap pipe cleaners around the base to create "branches." (The more times you wrap a pipe cleaner around the dowel, the shorter the branches will be.)

  4. Once the entire dowel is wrapped up with fuzzy pine "needles," it's time to trim the tree. (I loved seeing how creative the kids got!) You can:

    • -adorn the branches with wooden bead ornaments
    • -top the tree with a pipe cleaner star
    • -cut up the pipe cleaners to create a festive garland
    • -wrap up the branches with sparkly pipe cleaners

  5. We spruced up the mantle with our spunky little tree...then got cozy for our annual viewing of...well, you know!