Q-tip Painting Indian Corn

Q-tip Painting Indian Corn

My little crafters had a great time "dotting" away on this "corny" project. This fun fall craft is perfect for little hands working on fine motor skills. We're even making a few more to decorate our Thanksgiving table!

3 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. construction paper (yellow and brown)
  2. washable tempera paint (red, yellow, orange, and brown)
  3. paper plate
  4. q-tips
  5. hay
  6. glue
  7. scissors
  1. Gather all your materials. We ran out of orange paint so we had a quick color mixing lesson with our red and yellow paint.

  2. Together, I helped the little ones cut out tapered ovals for the corn out of yellow construction paper and a husk shape out of the brown construction paper.

  3. Then, I gave each of the kids a paper plate with an assortment of fall colors and a Q-tip for each color. We used red, yellow, orange, and brown. We also put the corn on a scratch piece of paper to help contain the mess. Then, while the paint was drying, they did some painting on their scratch papers.

  4. The kids had fun using their Q-tips to make dots on the corn. It was neat to see their personalities shining through in this project. One of my girls sat and meticulously made small dots all over her corn, while my son attacked his paper as if his Q-tip were a sword ready for battle!

  5. After the paint dried, the kids glued their husks to their corn. At this point, my little girl said it needed some hay, like at the pumpkin patch. We happened to have some out on the porch and--my daughter was right--the hay was a perfect addition to the paintings.

  6. The kids glued the hay onto their husks and the corn was ready to go. We're going to use them this year as place cards for our Thanksgiving table. I think they'll be adorable on the kids' table with glitter names!