Quilled Christmas Tree

Quilled Christmas Tree

Quilling is one of those fantastic arts that is so pretty and showy, but is simple and can be done beautifully by children.

6 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. colored paper
  2. glue
  3. skewers (something thin)
  1. Glue and paper. Just that!

  2. The first thing she did was to make a tree outline on her paper.

  3. Next she needed paper strips. The paper needs to be torn or cut with the fibers of the paper for successful curling. So we tore a strip down the paper; if it goes all the way to the bottom, in roughly a straight line, it is the correct way. If it veers off, and turns sideways, then you need to turn the paper and tear it that way. Our construction paper tore easily length-wise. Maddie mastered this one! I think this was her favorite part this time.

  4. She wound the paper onto a skewer, then slid it off the end.

  5. Puddles of glue on the paper held the little scrolls very well.

  6. When it was time for the star, it meant she needed a larger scroll. So she took two yellow strips, and glued them together to make an extra long one.

  7. She wound it up and pinched it to make five points. Another puddle at the top of the tree will hold it in place.

  8. Then she made it extra, extra pretty with a bit of sparkle.

  9. One last roll of paper for the trunk... easily made into a square shape by more pinching. Beautiful Christmas tree!