Semi-Secret Valentine

Semi-Secret Valentine

It's challenging to express our sentiments to the objects of our affection. This Valentine's Day craft takes all the pressure off of you, and puts it squarely on the shoulders of your beloved!

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. semi-transparent paper (velum or cellophane work great). we used one sheet each of light pink and clear vellum. (2)
  2. pen and paper with which to write your sweet nothings.
  3. scissors
  4. hole punch
  5. small paper hearts or other valentine's day inspired sparkly do-dads to tuck inside the heart. more is more.
  6. courage.
  1. Tackle the hard part first! Compose at least 15-20 rough drafts of your love note and then select the one that you feel best articulates your feelings. Use proper grammar, and a dictionary to check spelling. Don't leave your drafts laying around where your mother or {gulp} older brother could find them. We caution you against procrastinating with this most important step because dashing off a haphazard note in sloppy penmanship will show a lack of conviction that will no doubt cost you dearly! Don't forget to sign your name (and last initial if there are a lot of Connor's in your class).

  2. Cut every single word out, one by one. Don't chop off the tails of your g's and y's. Details, details!

  3. Draw a big heart on one sheet of the vellum paper. Don't be skimpy here! A tiny little heart will send a mixed message and cause confusion and/or hurt feelings.

  4. Layer the two sheets of paper and cut out the heart. With the two sheets still together, use the hole punch to punch holes evenly around the outside permitter of the heart. Lace the string carefully through the holes, leaving enough space open at the end to insert the words from your note and sparkly pretty things. Take care not to wrinkle or outright mangle the heart during this delicate process as the recipient could infer certain things from your lack of control.

  5. Finish lacing the heart, tie a knot, and leave a little extra string at the end to tie into a loop for hanging.

  6. Personally hand deliver to your sweetheart no later than Valentines Day, with a confident smile and friendly greeting. Resist the overwhelming urge to shove it in her hand and run away screaming.