Snowman on a Stick

Snowman on a Stick

My son and I love to eat fruit together. We also love to create together. When we came across a picture for snowmen on a stick my son asked if we could try them. I said yes. I loved the idea of using fresh fruit to make a fun and healthy snack for us to share.

2 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. bananas (1) - use as many as you need for as many snowmen you want to make. Cut into circle pieces.
  2. grapes (1) - Cut in half.
  3. apple (1) - Cut into wedges and then cut the tip of the wedge off.
  4. mini chocolate chips (5) - up to you how many you use. You could also substitute another food item here.
  5. skewers (1)
  6. decorating gel (1) - You can use as many colors as you want. You may substitute this for something else if you want.
  7. sprinkles (1) - Used to make nose. So we used orange.
  1. Get all your materials set up. Since my son is 3.5yr it was easier for me to cut up the fruit. I love to have everything ready to go when my son and I make things together. It does not always happen this way but when I can set up what we need first the projects usually go more smoothly.

  2. Add the cut up bananas to the skewer. My 3.5yr needed a little help with this. Then add the decorating gel to the areas you are going to add the mini chocolate chips to.

  3. Now place the mini chips on the decorating gel. We added 3 chips for the buttons and 2 chips for the eyes.

  4. It was hard for my son to get the apple piece( the tip of the apple wedge cut off) on the skewer so I did that for him. He then added the (cut in half) grape on top of the apple. The great thing about this treat is you can use what you want and decorate it the way you want it to look. No one snowman has to be the same.

  5. We now had a healthy and fun snowman snack to eat.