Sock Snowmen

Sock Snowmen

The cuddly little friends are a huge hit in our house! This year, we made them using all of our mismatched socks and it was the best use of my husband's socks I've found so far! The kids had a great time decorating their snowmen with our craft supplies. I love how they can be personalized to show the creativity for each child.

4 - 9
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. socks - Boy's size 7-9
  2. rice
  3. poly fiber filling
  4. pom-poms - Large
  5. rubber bands
  6. tacky glue
  7. scissors
  8. felt - orange and a color of your choice
  9. fabric paint - black
  10. googly eyes
  11. various craft materials - to decorate your snowman
  12. funnel - optional
  1. Gather your materials. This craft does require a lot of materials, but I find that we have most of them in our craft closet. The kids love pulling out different things to decorate their snowmen and I love seeing their creativity!

  2. First we poured 1/2 cup of rice into the bottom of the sock to help our snowman stand up. I found it easiest to use a funnel for this part. Then, my kids filled their socks about 3/4 full of polyester fiberfill.

  3. We used a rubber band to securely tie off the top of the sock and then used a second rubber band to create the head of the snowman. Since we just used my husband's socks for this project, I cut them down to be the size we wanted and saved the top part for the snowman's hat.

  4. For the face, we used tacky glue to attach googly eyes and a triangle piece of orange felt for the nose. I added smiles to the snowmen after everything else was done using the black fabric paint.

  5. Since my 3-year-old's current favorite color is blue, we cut a 1-inch strip of blue felt and tied it around the second rubber band to create a scarf. I let him snip small fringe on the edge of the scarf for added flair. Then, he glued buttons down the middle of his snowman.

  6. For the hats, I secured the cut end of the top of the sock with a rubber band. Then, I flipped it inside out to make the hat. If you use a smaller sock, you can just fold over the top part of the sock to cover up the first rubber band.

  7. Then the kids each picked a different color pom pom ball to glue to the top of their hat. My two-year-old wanted to add flowers to her snowman so we used tacky glue to attach some felt flowers that I had.

  8. We put their hats on and the kids had new frosty friends to play with! My 3-year-old named his Bert and carried it around for the rest of the day. His snowman became the villain while he was playing super heroes and snuggled up with him during naptime. I love when we can make toys out of things we already have in the house!