Sparkling Fireworks Pencil Topper

Sparkling Fireworks Pencil Topper

This festive pencil topper is sure to spark your imagination!

7 - 9
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. pencil or pen
  2. pipe cleaners - red, white, or blue
  3. star beads or star cutouts
  1. You need at least 4 pipe cleaners and a few star beads or star punch-outs to make a festive pencil topper.

  2. Twist the pipe cleaners together at one end. Hold that end down on the side of the pencil and wrap the group of pipe cleaners around the pencil (and the ends) one or two times.

  3. Then split the pipe cleaners into two groups. In this case he put two pipe cleaners on each side. Wrap them around the pencil (working your way toward the top) in opposite directions so they cross.

  4. When your pipe cleaners are wrapped up to the top (wrap them tightly and twist to secure them) spread the pipe cleaners apart.

  5. Thread star beads or star cutouts (from garlands or card stock) onto the pipe cleaners. Wrap the pipe cleaners around each one or bend the pipe cleaner so it will stay on.

  6. Curl, bend, and arrange your "fireworks".

  7. Enjoy writing and drawing with this festive pencil topper!