Sparkly Shamrock Sun Catchers

Sparkly Shamrock Sun Catchers

This fun mix-and-pour project, with a glittery touch, makes pretty St. Patrick's Day decorations to hang in your windows. The light shining through catches the glitter and makes the shamrocks sparkle.

3 - 4
Est. Time:
<1 hour

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. white glue (6 Tbs.)
  2. dishwashing liquid (6-8 drops)
  3. green food coloring (6-8 drops)
  4. glitter
  5. green paint (optional: 5-10 drops)
  6. toothpicks (optional)
  7. hole punch
  8. ribbon (for hanging)
  9. shamrock template - draw or print, cover in laminate, plastic wrap or contact paper
  1. First, assemble your ingredients for the project.

  2. Print or draw a shamrock template and cover it with plastic, such as contact paper or plastic wrap, or laminate it. You can use whatever size shamrocks you'd like.

  3. Now you're ready to mix and pour. Have your child measure 6 tablespoons of white glue into a small container.

  4. Have your child add the drops of dishwashing liquid.

  5. Add the drops of food coloring. I did this step, as I was working with my four year old and wanted to be extra careful with the food coloring.

  6. Have your child mix the ingredients together.

  7. Add glitter and mix again.

  8. Pour the mixture onto the shamrock template. It will be gooey and thick.

  9. Add a few drops of paint to the center of the shamrock. As you can see, the glue mixture is spreading. That's okay. As long as it is covering the template, you'll be able to trim and shape it later.

  10. Have your child swirl the paint with a toothpick. Adding and swirling the paint is optional, but my son really enjoyed this step.

  11. Allow the shamrocks to dry overnight. The next day, they will look like this. Peel them off of the template.

  12. Using the template as a guide, trim the shamrocks with scissors to shape them.

  13. The glitter will have settled to the back side of the shamrocks, making one side very sparkly. When done trimming, you should have all your shamrocks ready to display.

  14. Help your child punch a hole at the top of the shamrock.

  15. Thread ribbon through the hole and tie it.

  16. Now you are ready to hang up your shamrocks. Choose the widows where you want to display them.

  17. We tied these directly to the curtain rod. In another window, I pinned them to the window valence with a safety pin. As they move a bit, the sun shines through and they really do sparkle. Hope they bring you lots of luck for St. Patrick's Day!